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I serve as a mediator to parties who find themselves in conflict and voluntarily choose to resolve their conflict privately and confidentially through the process of mediation.
For nearly 30 years my trial practice has concentrated in the area of serious and life-altering injuries and has involved trials in the Superior Court and the United States District Court for Massachusetts. I have also represented parties in insurance claims, land disputes, commercial landlord-tenant disagreements, premises liability cases, defective products, construction site accidents, business partnership breakups, fee arbitration, professional malpractice, trademark infringement, will contests, employment termination disputes, non-compete agreements, condominium owners' association conflicts and municipal grievances.

I have been involved with Alternative Dispute Resolution processes, including conciliation, mediation and arbitration, since 1985 and have been directly involved in several hundred successfully mediated disputes.

Through these experiences I have come to believe that people prefer adjustment rather than adjudication of their disputes. When given the opportunity informed parties have invariably chosen mediation to settle their disputes, with the facilitation of a skilled mediator. Those who choose mediation know that they are more in control of the outcome of the dispute and are more satisfied with the results. Many clients have stated that the preservation of the relationship was important to them and that where the dispute threatened to destroy the relationship, mediation helped to preserve and in some cases strengthened the relationship. In those circumstances where one party has negligently caused injury to another party creating an "involuntary relationship" mediation provides an expeditious settlement alternative to litigation.

A quarter century of conflict related experiences has drawn me to mediation and I derive tremendous personal satisfaction in designing a conversation to end conflict.

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